The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis

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What is the so-called alien civilisation behind the UFO phenomenon?

Assuming that there is a civilisation which is technically more advanced than we are, behind what is called unidentified flying objects.

My theory is that this society is residing here on earth and managed to hide from us for quite some time.

The reason why I suggest this, is to give another approach to the UFO phenomenon, which is more likely than interstellar space travel.

In this article I want to go through the different possibilities of what this species might be.

Let’s assume they don’t come from outer space, but belong here and have evolved on this planet for millions of years just like us.

One possibility is that there is a species that developed intelligent life way before we did it.

Having this headstart they developed their high culture a long time ago.

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So where did that happen?

As UFOs are observed a lot of times around waters, it could be proposed that they hide under the ocean in underground bases.

 Did they go there after they develop this high civilisation, or did they actually develop in the sea? Who knows?

 It’s generally accepted that all live on this earth came from the oceans, that’s where the evolution started.

This means that there’s a good chance that the first intelligent life developed in the ocean as well.

Might they actually be related to fish? Fish that became incredibly intelligent. They must have developed some kind of limbs capable of handling tools deep in the ocean.

 This is the one scenario where a separate breed of intelligent life developed on this planet.

 The other possibility is maybe not as mind-boggling as intelligent fish, but it could be the more likely hypotheses.

When we look at our history, we can see that our civilisation developed at an exponential speed from some point on.

This means that a high culture can develop very suddenly.

Let’s assume the human race can bring about a high culture which is technically advanced within say 2000 years.

What if humans developed a high culture even more advanced than we are today in the past?

Let’s say 15,000 years ago. What if they decided 13,000 years ago they did not want to have anything to do with the rest of us. It could have been some families or another race of humans, or they just wanted to be a secretive elite family.

They wanted to be left alone and go to a place where they are not interfering with the rest. Or they developed some kind of stealth technology which allows them to hide, or both.

Another possibility which I call “contactee hypothesis”:

Contactee hypothesis

 Maybe this was a decision made by a there are leaders or the agreed on it in a democratic way. This will mean that what is behind the UFO phenomenon is nothing else than your band’s just like us. But from an elite society which build their nation recluse of three maybe at the time they where the rich and vivid want to have “anything to do with the poor”. Or they were a slightly different race which considered themselves to be superior. Thinking about this, the legend of Atlantis comes to mind. So it might have something to do with this but not necessarily. So one could say UFOs are from the people from Atlantis. This makes quite a bit of sense. There are two opinions about that. One is that Plato invented the story of Atlantis. The other theory is that he has heard of this before and recounts a true story which he believes is true. It’s well worth looking into the legend of Atlantis to find out if this could really be the explanation for the UFO phenomenon. What excites me is the fact that there is a high possibility that UFOs are man made. No little green man or grace reptilian hands, but simply a reclusive secret society of man. On the other hand it is possible that it only started this way. Meanwhile the could have modified themselves genetically. And turned themselves into another race. This could be an explanation while people describe alien beings grey and with big eyes. But still looking like whom I know all rights. If they would have developed independently somewhere in another galaxy. It’s likely that they’ll look humanoid. This means most likely that we have a common ancestor.

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