The extraterrestrial hypothesis

Typically the scientist you hear on an interview will say: “Yes, I believe there is life out there…”

And then after that: “…but it would take them too long to get here!”

The last part is so unprofessional and lacks any scientific approach.

What does it mean: “To long”? Too long for whom?

They are aliens, not humans!

Yes for us, it would take too long indeed.

But please, let’s not automatically¬†apply our human limitations on a species we don’t know anything about!

Why do most of the scientists talking about UFOs, have this preconception?

To make assumptions like that is bare of all logical thinking.

Mankind has to deal with mortality. Who says aliens do?

And if so, what if their lifespan / perception of time defers greatly by many magnitudes from ours?

What if they can adapt their perception of time according to their need?

When they travel, they fast forward or totally skip episodes. On the other hand, if they need to observe a very fast process, maybe they can zoom in with their perception of time.

If time is no rare resource, aliens don’t need to be in any hurry to get to here.
They will take their time, and have no problem with it.

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