Westall High ’66

This UFO encounter is amongst my absolute favourites.






A flying saucer landed in broad daylight in front of a school, witnessed by over 200 people in Melbourne Australia.

At approximately 11 o’clock the schoolchildren of Westall high and their teachers observed a flying disc shaped object for 20 minutes.

The object landed on two locations and was later chased by a number of unidentified planes.

One schoolgirl was affected by UFO, and picked up by an ambulance.

This girl was never seen again by her classmates after the incident.

The teachers and kids were harassed to shut up about the incident, by men in dark blue suits who came to the school afterwards.

One teacher was threatened to be denounced alcoholic if you would speak out about what they’ve seen.

A female teacher was demanded to hand over her entire fotocamera to these men.

Another science teacher who later became a researcher due to his experience, died under mysterious circumstances.

Farmers and pupils observed militarily vehicles and personnel investigating one of the landing sites.

There is a brilliant documentary called Westall 66:


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