A fundamental misconception?

Why do I care for UFOs?

Because I am interested in all sorts of science, but have come to the conclusion that research is a long-winded process.

Learning from an advanced civilisation would speed up our quest for answers significantly.

Decades or even centuries of academic studies could be shortcut.

I must emphasise that I am not talking about the field of propulsion technology in the first place.

I’m talking about profound answers about our existence.

Solving the UFO phenomenon

How are we going to find out anyway?

The easiest way, would be to go and ask someone who might know, right?

Finding Answers

Fact: The general public is not very dedicated to seeking the “UFO truth”.

 Why the lack of care?

I susspect that: The main reason why people don’t take this phenomenon seriously, is that it is made believe that it clashes with the common laws of modern physics.

Anyone who got into popular science, knows that interstellar space travel is very unlikely if not impossible. The sheer vastness of space and the limit of the speed of light, makes it hard to imagine that we have ever been visited. That is at least what scientists teach us…

- As a consequence, this paradigm rules out the whole alien/UFO theory. 

when we talk about UFOs we always assume the aliens come from outer space.

I really wonder why we do this in the first place?

UFOs are a phenomenon that occur on this planet. We see them here with our naked eyes.

It’s not like we looked through the telescope and discovered something far away on another planet or star system.

What does Occam’s Razor tell us about the origin of this observation?

A simple explanation makes sense.

It’s more complicated to think that this civilisation goes back and forth between the stars, than to accept that they are permanently present.

What we see belongs where we see it!

What is more likely?

1. An alien civilisation that manages to break the laws of physics as we know it and travel millions of light years to visit us, and then hide from us.

2. An unknown technically advanced species, that manages to hide from us on this planet.

Travelling light years through vacuum vs. camouflage

I don’t really like the idea of what I’m suggesting here, and it is just not as cool as space travel… But let’s face it… A good camouflage is way more likely, if you ask me. I’m not trying to say how they do it, because I have no clue.

But for just one example: To build underground bases under the sea will take much less energy than any interstellar flight. Maybe they use the heat from the Earth’s core as an energy source, who knows… bla bla, it’s not important how they do it. The the only point is that it’s a much more feasible thing to do. Space travel is just the less likely explanation to the phenomenon.

When you approach the speed of light, the energy needed for propulsion tends to go to infinity. To create a “warp drive” is theoretically possible, but needs such an excessive amount of energy, that nearby planets will be ripped apart.

So my point is that ufologists should look into this problem from an Earth’s perspective. As I said, I don’t like theory very much, because it has something of paranoia.

Maybe one day it will come out that there is no such thing as another civilisation, that’s fine with me, but for a start scientists should approach this problem from the most likely perspective.

First I thought, right, now that there is a possible explanation, maybe people will become more interested in the subject. But on second thought, I don’t think this theory will become very popular. It will crush our ego much more than if they were aliens. It would imply that we are not the number one on this planet. Inconceivable that there is another race superior to us, fooling us for thousands of years. We didn’t even have the moral right to fight them back and kick them out.

It is also obvious that this civilisation wants to be left alone by us.
This ties in with the earthbound hypothesis.
Because they live here they have great interest to be left alone and not be discovered.
They are aware of the aggressive human nature, and don’t want to have any cultural clashes going on.
If there would be from outer space, they could go back and not care so much about the after effects of this revelation.
Maybe they are in contact with our world leaders, and made them clear that disclosure is not an option, under no circumstances.
Barrack Obama has the phasor-pistol on his chest probably.

We are not capable of peaceful coexistence!
The clever “aliens from Earth” and the slick humans know this.
Sooner or later it would lead to confrontation and we would go after them.